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Dr. Amit Shridhar - Best Spine Surgeon In Delhi

Best spine surgeon in Delhi – Dr. Amit Shridhar

Dr Amit Shridhar is one of the best spine surgeon in Delhi NCR India, associated with Sant Parmanand Hospital, Saroj Hospital and Action Balaji Hospital specialising in spine surgeries, he is specialised doctor for Slip disk, Arthritis of the Spine, Low Back pain, Leg pain, Neck pain, Arm Pain and Cervical Treatments. After obtaining M. Ch. orthopaedics ( sub speciality spine) from United Kingdom, he underwent various spine fellowships in various centres in India.

He is the Spine Surgeon of repute. He has acquired the experience of doing spine surgeries for multiple causes. He has been extensively trained in simple and complex spine surgeries. he is an esteemed faculty member at various national and international conferences.

He Believes in comprehensive spine care both surgical and non surgical. He is well versed with all types of spine pain relieving procedures and injections and all type of spine surgeries including microscopic discectomies, kyphoplasty, surgery for spinal infections and trauma, surgical decompression for spinal stenosis.

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advanced medical treatment and expert care

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

With today’s technological advantages, Surgeons can bypass traditional open procedures that can pose high risk of complications and instead treat spinal injuries and disorders with newer, more advanced endoscopic techniques that help patients recover a lot faster.

Micro Spine Surgery

This minimally invasive procedure, which requires a small incision no larger than one and a half inches, enables surgeons to operate on cells, tissues, and other tiny body structures that are nearly invisible to the human eye.

area of expertise

Dr. Amit Shridhar is specialized in minimally invasive laser spine surgery with the help of state-of-the-art technological solutions to treat adult patients with back pain resulting from conditions like spinal stenosis and disc herniation, as well as failed neck and back surgeries and auto- and work-related injuries!


Low Back / Leg and Neck / Arm Pain

Joint Pain (Knee, Shoulder, and Hips)

Hand / Wrist Injuries, Carpal Tunnel

Arthritis of the Spine

Compression Fractures

Foot and Ankle Pain

Sports Related Injuries

Work Related Injuries

Spinal Stenosis

Sciatica & Herniated Discs

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