Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures

The word osteoporosis means “porous bone”. It is a condition where you gradually lose bone material so that your bones become more fragile. as a result, they are more likely to break even after a simple fall.
Bone is made of fibres of a material called collagen filled in with minerals – mainly calcium salts – rather like re- inforced concrete or a honeycomb.

The bones of the skeleton have a thick outer shell or ‘cortex’, inside which there is ‘trabecular’ bone which is formed in a meshwork, as shown in Fig- ure 1(a). Osteoporosis causes bone to be lost, leaving gaps in the bone material, as shown in Figure 1(b).
Osteoporosis is often called “silent” because bone loss occurs without symptoms.

People may not know that they have osteoporosis until a sudden strain, bump, or fall causes a bone to break. This can result in a trip to the hospital, surgery, and possibly a long-term disabling condition Osteoporosis is sometimes called “the silent disease” and with good reason. Early in the disease there may be no symptoms. Many patients only begin to suspect something is wrong when dull bone or muscle pain develops in the low back or neck.